Bipolar  Checklist with Strategy Locator  
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Suggested educational strategies/modifications are listed for each Bipolar issue.  
This does not suggest that there aren’t other strategies that might be considered.  
Here are the thirty two issues related to Bipolar Disorder that are addressed by the
Bipolar Checklist with Strategy Locator.

        Medication Issues
        Inability to Awaken
        Overheated and Dehydrated from Physical Exertion
        Embarrassed When Participating in Team Sports
        Fluctuations in Energy and Motivation
        Difficulty Concentrating and Remembering Assignments
        Difficulty Reading and Comprehending
        Difficulty Understanding Complex, Multi-Step Directions
        Difficulty Answering Written Questions within a Designated Time Frame
        Difficulty Understanding Complex or Muiti-Part Questions on a Written Test
        Difficulty Writing
        Embarrassed When Speaking in Front of Others
        Sensation or Risk Seeking Episodes
        Psychotic Symptoms or Distortions of Perception
        Inappropriate Elated Mood & Behavior
        Episodes of Inattention & Distractibility
        Episodes of Restless Attention & Agitation
        Episodes of Overwhelming Emotion
        Episodes of  Impulsivity & Impaired Judgment
        Manic Episodes of Grandiosity
        Self-Centeredness & Combative Behaviors
        Episodes of Hyper-sexuality
        Poor Social Skills or Relationships With Peers
        Fluctuation in Energy & Emotion
        Episodes of  Tearfulness and Crying at School
        Episodes of Frustration and/or Rages At School
        Too Overwhelmed By Anxiety or Emotional Status To Attend School
        Experiences Loss of Control that Endangers Self, Others or Property
        Suicidal Thinking & Morbid Thoughts
        Constant Talking