Bipolar or ADHD CD Supplement

The Bipolar or ADHD CD Supplement may be purchased separately or with the book.   It
includes all the worksheets in the appendices of the book that can be individualized for
each student, checklists found in the book, card systems to help with behavior,
reinforcement surveys for both primary and secondary students and narratives that can
be utilized to help students manage stress, anger, OCD issues and more.  The following is
a list of the content in the CD.
Mania Reduction worksheet                                                           
Debriefing the Student worksheet                                                   
Depression Reduction worksheet                                                  
Thought Distortion Checklist                                                           
Dissecting Cognitive Distortions worksheet                                           
Negative vs Positive Thoughts worksheet                                           
Negative Thought Tracking worksheet                                           
Fun Outdoor Activities worksheet                                                   
Fun Indoor Activities worksheet                                              
Building a Healthy Social Support System worksheet               
Daily or Weekly Rewards List worksheet                                           
Fun Activities worksheet                                                           
Visualizing a Fun Activity                                                           
Stress Monitor worksheet                                                           
Anger Reduction worksheet                                                           
Agreement to Heal                                                                   
Identifying Obsessive Thoughts worksheet                                           
Obsessive Thoughts worksheet                                                   
Monthly Medication Management                                                           
Daily Medication Side Effects Chart                                                   
Weekly Drug Side Effect Chart                                                   
Daily Activity and Mood Chart worksheet                                           
Reasons to Exercise worksheet                                                   
Types of Exercise worksheet                                                           
Self-Defeating Thoughts and Exercise worksheet                                   
Exercise Journal                                                                   
Somatic Precursors to a Rage State worksheet                                   
Identifying Triggers or Antecedents                                                   
Antecedent Modification worksheet                                                   
Executive Function Checklist                                                           

Self-Monitoring Worksheets

Personal Warning Signs for Mood Shifts worksheet                                   
Daily Mood Diary worksheet                                                           
Warning Signs for Depression: Self-Monitoring worksheet                           
Warning Signs for Mania:  Self-Monitoring worksheet                           
Self-Monitoring Multiple Behaviors by Period worksheet                           
Self-Monitoring Multiple Behaviors by Day worksheet                           
Monitoring Communication worksheet                                           

Card Systems

Cue Cards for Behavior                                                           
Personal Time Out Cards  
Reinforcement Surveys

Reinforcement Survey Questionnaire                                           
School Reward Questionnaire: Secondary                                         
Proactive Reinforcement Schedule worksheet                                   
Daily/Weekly Rewards Menu                                                           
Period/Daily Reward Chart                                                           
Daily/Weekly Reward Chart                                                           


Hypomania Checklist                                                                                  
Cyclothymia Checklist                                                                                 
Bipolar Disorder:  Mixed Type Checklist                                                      
Mania Checklist for Children and Adolescents                                             
Depression Checklist for Children and Adolescents                                     
Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Checklist                                        
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Checklist                                                        
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Checklist                                             
Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD) Checklist                                             
Conduct Disorder (CD) Checklist                                                             


Basic Abdominal Breathing
Meditation for Relaxation and Health
Positive Imagery and Relaxation
Progressive Muscle Relaxation
Quick Relaxation Technique
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